Tarot Testimonials


"I have shed layers of doubt and negativity since my reading, and have begun actively transforming my fear into love, knowledge and personal power. I am deeply grateful for Tara's work and gifts."


– Jillian Fragle



"Tara's reading has helped get my life on track. When I went to her I had no sense of where I was going in my life. I had no sense of purpose but with her guidance I was able figure out my purpose and not be afraid of the future!"


–  Alannah Caldwell 


"If any of you are looking for a little spiritual reboot, a loving lift into clarity and sacred alignment, Have I GOT THE WOMAN FOR YOU: Tara Rubinstein! After our reading last night I entered today with renewed clarity, deeper and clearer questions, and generally feeling seen, witnessed, loved, and well thought about by Tara with her intuitive, insightful, open-to-spirit, storytelling powers. I loved her ability to see the relationships between cards and the overall stories being told as well as holding specific insights in the contextual meanings of each card. She listened to me very deeply and spirit flowed palpably into the container she/we created.


I now have 3 pages of notes, full of useful perspectives and frameworks for the challenges and questions I am currently facing. I feel truly supported, and I can tell that the things that emerged in this reading will continue to guide and assist me for the weeks to come.


I HIGHLY RECOMMEND a reading with Tara, RIGHT NOW, for any and all of you who are seeking, questioning, struggling, transforming...ya know, ALIVE!"


– Amy Walsh



Ceremony + Ritual Testimonials


"When we were planning our wedding, finding an officiant was one of the more difficult tasks. We come from different backgrounds and neither of us are religious, so we weren’t sure where to turn. We were looking for an officiant who was warm, professional, and supportive. From the moment we met Tara, we both knew we had found the right person.


From that initial meeting onward, both us felt totally comfortable and confident in her ability to lead our ceremony. Tara struck the perfect balance of being welcoming and receptive to our input while still taking control and putting us at ease. She provided guidance and reassurance for us when it came to writing our own vows. As a result, our ceremony felt personal, eloquent, and warm. For weeks, our guests told us how much they enjoyed the 'sweet' and 'touching' ceremony, and it is certainly one of our favorite memories of the day. We could not have asked for a better start to our marriage and are so appreciative to Tara for all the time and thought she put into making our day so special!"


– Margot and Adam

"Tara’s easy-going and friendly personality made planning our wedding ceremony a breeze. We knew immediately at our consultation over Skype that Tara would be the perfect officiant for our multi-cultural ceremony combining Jewish and Vietnamese traditions with a surprise flash mob processional! Tara created a touching, heartwarming, and timeless personalized ceremony for us that perfectly captured our personalities and the joy and fun we wanted to infuse into our wedding day. Her natural grace and charisma were noted by many of our guests; many asked where we had found such an exceptional officiant and commented it was the best wedding ceremony they had ever been to!"

– Jennifer & Eric



Class and Workshop Testimonials


"Tara is a gifted storyteller and a master at holding space in an inclusive environment. I leave each class feeling inspired and eagerly looking forward to the next. Capable of making even the most timid soul feel welcome, Tara has the unique ability to bring people together and engage all participants to elicit authentic and thoughtful feedback.."


– Tim Meskers



"After each class, I felt more clear about my personal journey and connected to a larger community of dynamic women."


– Lai Har Cheung



"Tara's integrity as a listener and thinker is transforming my ability, as a student, to open, question, and challenge my self and my world."


– Jenna Peters-Golden



"Tara facilitated a beautiful co-creative process of coming together in sacred space with appreciation for all of the different places we're coming from. I deepened my connection to other women, Spirit, and my own sacred sexuality, and grew in my understanding and practice of nurturing the sacred in relationships. It was a blessing to share my first menarche rite of passage in the community of our class."


– Leigh Seelman



"Tara's passion for teaching using the arts, and her interest in women's rituals are very inspiring. She is a powerful teacher with a broad range of arts knowledge."


– Cathleen Cohen



"I appreciated the depth of Tara's connection to the material, which I was challenged to integrate into my daily life. Tara made me think hard about connections between politics, economics, gender, sexuality, the environment and spiritual practice. The way she facilitated the womyn's mysteries class in a way that was respectful to people of all genders, while addressing specifics of female experience, really impressed me."


– Laura Neuman

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