My Tarot Philosophy

What I love most about tarot is that with each reading, the support you need inevitably comes through. Sometimes, this is exactly what you thought you were looking for and the cards will say something like, “YES! Take that job!” or “NO, don’t take that job!” And sometimes, the conversation will take an unexpected turn, lifting up a piece of the picture that you had not yet considered, and that will make all the difference as you proceed. I am not a fortune teller, and the insights available through tarot do not predict immutable events in the future. Rather, tarot is an exploration of the present, with powerful guidance that can help you to make choices that can affect your next steps in the best possible ways. I believe that the universe wants you to feel like your best self and experience the best of what life has to offer. The cards are the map that helps point the way.

Clients have said:


"I have shed layers of doubt and negativity since my reading, and have begun actively transforming my fear into love, knowledge and personal power. I am deeply grateful for Tara's work and gifts."


Jillian Fragle

Tarot Roots

I have been learning tarot since the very beginning of my relationship with ShuNahSii Rose and In Sacred Balance in 1995. I have been teaching classes and providing professional readings since 2008.

Tarot Path // More about Tarot Sessions

If you are interested in a tarot session with me, you are probably intuitive by nature and open to sessions that go right to the heart of the matter. Each session lasts approximately an hour, with some flexibility based on the nature of the reading. A single session will help uncover important insights as well as next steps. And, like with other therapeutic/healing arts, the most profound support is possible with a process over time.


Single session: $125

3 session package: $300

6 session package: $540


I offer readings by phone or skype.

In person readings are available in Philadelphia.

Clients have said:


"Tara's reading has helped get my life on track. When I went to her I had no sense of where I was going in my life. I had no sense of purpose but with her guidance I was able figure out my purpose and not be afraid of the future!"


Alannah Caldwell

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