Need That Sexy, Sweet, Support? 6's of Tarot Have You Covered

June 27, 2017



Sexy, sweet, supportive sixes. Oh. It’s so nice to see you here in the tarot deck. Whether you are a pro tarot reader or not, the sixes of tarot are here for you if you are ever in need of a little pick-me-up. 






Calling It In

Read on to learn about the content of these wonderful cards and tips for how to use them in your daily experiences. If something in the sixes is speaking to your life now, you don’t have to wait for the card to come up in a reading. Place any of these cards on your altar/desk/fridge/mirror and work with the lessons in an intentional way. Calling in the energies or lessons of the cards is a great way to manifest sexiness, sweetness and support that these images have to offer. And if you don’t have a deck, just google search the images and print them out!


A Little Numerology

Looking at the themes that thread across each number in the minor arcana suits will help you to understand the logic of numerology. The system of inherent value and power in numbers is the structure and the bones of tarot, while the qualities of each suit fill in the viscera and the soul. So what should you know about sixes?


The Minor Arcana


Wands: The six of wands shows us feeling confident and empowered. This is the moment where you have the vision, the skills and the confidence to tackle the things that matter most to you. You are in alignment with your passion and purpose and you are ready to go. What I love about this card is full-bodied feeling of “YES.” Maybe this is the ‘yes’ of a new lover who sees you in your wholeness and loves you in your power. Maybe this is the ‘yes’ of a job, creative project or activist campaign that calls all of you into action and you nail it. Whatever it is, the six of wands is telling you that you got this. So go ahead and feeeeeel yourself!




Urban Tarot


Ways to work with Six of Wands

  • Go on a date! Make time to feel sexy and fabulous. Whether that date is with yourself, a friend, a new lover or a longtime partner, it is time to let that inner fire shine.

  • Give yourself a pep talk, or ask a colleague to remind you about your strengths at work. This is important time to remind yourself that you are really great at what you do.

  • Jump in and say “yes” to a person or project you’ve been holding back with.  



Cups: The six of cups is sensual and sweet. It is a card that about simple pleasures like a day at the beach playing in the waves or sharing a cup of tea with an old friend, and it is soothing to the heart. Falling in between some tough emotional cards (the 5 and 8 in particular), the six is reassuring, nurturing, and sustaining. When you are experiencing the six of cups, you wish this moment would go on and on. There’s nostalgia here, feeling blessed by the beauty of the moment and all it touches in you. What I love about this card is the reminder to find joy in the simple things. There is a map to receiving nurturance and care that we can find in our memories of youth - what made you feel loved and cared for as a young one? What brought you joy? Take some time for self care, or let yourself be tended by a loved one. 

The Collective Tarot


Ways to work with Six of Cups:

  • Go play in the water! This one can be a little literal, especially if you get comfort and joy from being in or near water.

  • Have a friend date with an old friend, and do something self-care oriented together. Make a cup of tea, make each other a music mix, trade backrubs or pedicures.

  • Let someone know that you could use a little TLC. Even if it’s not an emergency, let people who love you take care of you. Call your mom or your stand in mom or your ex who’s now your friend. You need someone who knows how you get when you are stretched thin, and who will show up in a way that is familiar and comforting.



Discs/Pentacles: The six of pentacles is all about generosity and the flow of resources. Fortunes are changing in your favor and abundance is apparent. Or, it may be time for you to offer support to a person or cause, knowing that your contribution will be hugely significant in it’s impact. What I love about this card is that whether you are the giver or the receiver, the energy is moving and all involved are benefitted in some way. If you get this card, the “yes” from the universe is that you are valuable and your gifts, your efforts, are visible. It’s also a green light to loosen the grip of scarcity around money/material things and trust that you will have more than just what you need.

Tarot of Durer


Ways to work with the 6 of Pentacles:

  • Have you been thinking of starting a crowdfunding campaign? Do it. Now’s the time.

  • Have you been thinking of donating to a crowdfunding campaign? Maybe see how you can help promote it. This is the time to go the extra mile with your generosity.

  • If finances have been a little scary for you lately, this is encouragement to have faith. Visualize receiving more than what you need. Do that visualization every time the fear creeps in.


 Swords: The six of swords - like much of the rest of the suit of swords - grapples with some tougher elements of human experience. We still see the protecting, healing, justice-seeking influence of the six, but the lens is less rosy on this one. In this card, we see closure. It’s time to leave a situation that hasn’t been working, or that has reached a natural close. There’s wistfulness and possibly grief in this leaving - so much that is familiar and important to you is staying behind. But it’s time. In this card, your eyes are set on the future, the new shores that will (hopefully) welcome you. You don’t look back. But you don’t have to. You will forever remember/bear the scars/hold the beauty of all that you have experienced. What I love about this card is how it almost always gives the exact medicine or mirror we need. It is gently-but-firmly confirming that there’s no going back. This card is the mother or friend that comes to help you pick up the pieces, pack up the boxes and drive you away from your old life. She gives you space for your feelings and makes herself useful. And somewhere, deep within, there is relief. Image: Shadowscapes Tarot


Ways to work with the six of swords:

  • Put in your resignation letter at work/leave that relationship. You don’t have to jump ship in the night or anything, but you do need to move on.

  • Stop trying to repair a situation that has been damaging for too long now

  • Allow someone you trust to help you make your next big step


Working with sixes in a reading

If a six comes up in your reading, the universe is probably giving you a little pep talk and letting you know that you’re great, and that you are going in the right direction. Even if it’s hard. Even you’re tired. Sometimes we all need confirmation, and, like a super supportive mom-type friend, the sixes are here to have your back. So depending on the placement of the card and the other cards around it, sixes tend to indicate “YES.”



There’s no absolute concrete formula for reversals. I believe you need to look at the rest of the reading to get clarity and context before pinning down the message of a reversed card. But generally, a reversed six can send a message of “slow down/ not yet” OR can be a caution against self-indulgence.


Want some support?

If you’d like help working with tarot or would like a personalized tarot session, contact me! Readings are available by phone or in person in Philadelphia. Contact me here


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