At Home With Women's Sacred Mysteries

October 9, 2015


For years throughout my life, I have caught myself on occasion whispering alone “I wish I were home.” I could be sitting in my very own bed, the words would pour out of my mouth. It took my conscious mind some time to realize it was not a physical home I was looking for, but a home within.


 Planting my feet on the earth, spending solo time in nature and practicing rituals have always reminded me that I am always home with myself, the earth and

 spirit. As a child I did such practices instinctually. In my teens I read books to foster an active relationship with my heart and the earth.  I was hungry for more. And slowly, I was introduced to words like divine feminine, sacred sexuality and woman honoring spirituality. I continued reading, but craved more. My inner fire was ignited with a longing for deeper connection. I wanted the flames of my essence fanned; I longed for a community with the same passion for authentic living and connection.



As an avid reader, history lover and feminist, knowledge expands and excites my mind; I want that excitement not only connected with my heart, but originating from my heart. I want to know the history, and I want to experience what women have been teaching for generations: honoring oneself, the divine feminine and, of course our mama, the earth. Participating in the Women’s Sacred Mysteries course tied it all together for me - the history, the experience and community.



The seven-week course focuses on the life cycle rites of passage that connect women’s bodies, hearts and souls to the cycles of the earth and moon. With a rich mixture of extensive reading materials, healing rituals, guided meditation, song and storytelling, I was completely immersed and enthralled. Women’s Sacred Mysteries is designed to deepen one’s relationship with self, community and the earth, simultaneously. The class welcomes transgender and non-binary participants, and honors the many unique ways that our lives align with the mysteries. In this women’s lodge, diversity is valued on every level. Through intimate gatherings, teleconference calls and online discussion, each participant is fully supported, and encouraged to share and explore their experiences throughout the course. I was amazed at that last class how much I had learned about my authentic self and desires and the intrinsic connection to the many women who have passed down the history, traditions and practices of woman honoring spirituality. Through my experiences in this course, I found my home.


Women’s Sacred Mysteries will be offered seven Mondays this fall, beginning November 2nd and ending December 14th. This course offers an exceptional balance of components:


For In-Person Classes:

Weeks 1, 3, 5 and 7 will be intimate in person meetings in your city  on Monday nights (unless indicated otherwise) from 7:00-9:30 pm with your local instructor.

Weeks 2, 4 and 6 will be one hour teleconference calls on Monday nights, with ShuNahSii Rose at 9:00 pm EST


For Satellite Participants:

Weeks 1, 3, 5 and 7 are one hour conference calls with satellite members and ShuNahSii at 8:00 pm EST (pending adequate enrollment)

Weeks 2, 4 and 6 will be one hour conference calls, with ShuNahSii & the entire national WSM community at 9:00 pm EST


Course Fee $250

Pre- registration and deposit necessary to hold space.

Contact us at or 734.635.7422

Ready to Register? CLICK HERE


About the Instructor:

ShuNahSii Rose is the founder of In Sacred Balance. Her story of spiritual training begins with her maternal grandmother, who introduced her, as a small child, to a spirituality that honored both women and the earth.  In 1979 ShuNahSii attended an inner-city alternative school where she was introduced to the power of inter-generational learning community and was supported in her continued study of female centered Wisdom Teachings. She spent the following decade passionately studying with extraordinary teachers from many parts of the world, with “lessons” taking place in both the classroom and the field.  In 1990 she began her practice as an educator, shamanic healer and community organizer in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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