We need each other. Our individual healing and empowerment falls flat if we don’t have others who see, celebrate and share the path with us. Classes are a time to learn new material and build skills, but they are also a time to make meaningful connections. “Community” for us at Red Seeds and In Sacred Balance is not a buzzword. We have been tending and building our connections several decades now, and we care for each other in practical, ongoing ways.


We believe that coming together for classes and building community changes the cultural context–together, we are a healing revolution of gratitude, hope and abundance for ourselves, our loved ones and the earth.

Class Philosophy

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Class Roots // Where Does Class Material Come From?

Class material is drawn from a variety of sources, including celebrated authors, experienced teachers and direct lived experience. Red Seeds classes happen in collaboration with In Sacred Balance and ShuNahSii Rose. ShuNahSii has been my honored teacher and mentor since 1995, and much of what I have learned in my years of study has come directly from the lineage of her deep work. ShuNahSii has modeled what it means to “walk the talk” - literally! Her daily walks in nature are the source of many of her teachings on how to live in balance with the earth and learn directly from the plants and animals. After more than two decades of sitting in circles with women of all ages, the women’s wisdom traditions are shaped by love and depth of walking together through the mysteries of life, death, and all that comes in between.

Earth-honoring Teachings

As an earth-based community, we believe in the importance of learning from the wisdom of the earth where we actually live. This means learning from the plant and animal communities, the waters, and the skies. In each place, that relationship is a little different. City dwellers learn the medicines of the sidewalks and community gardens. Deserts, mountains, oceans and woodlands all have a unique culture of plants, animals and humans. It is our responsibility in these times of change to wake up and participate in the re-weaving of sacred balance. We look to the peoples around the world who have lived in harmony with the earth to find a road map. In particular, we learn from the traditions of western Europe, and the calendar of holidays that mark the “wheel of the year.” We also learn from indigenous teachers here on this continent of North America, particularly the Anishnaabe traditions from the Great Lakes region. Integrity is important to us, and we only share knowledge and practices with permission, recognition and gratitude.

Women’s Wisdom Traditions

Come with your open heart. Sit in the circle. Share and listen deeply. These simple acts can change our whole lives, radically and for the better. Sing together. Join in healing ritual. Feel your roots deepen and wings spread wide, making things feel possible that would have never felt possible without an amazing circle of women to have your back. This is the women’s wisdom tradition.


It is also our tradition to welcome and celebrate the many ways to experience “woman.” We know that not all women have or want the same paths, and that a single story of “woman” hurts us all. Race, culture, class, ability, age, orientation and many other intersecting factors shape the experiences we have when we come to the circle. We are queer affirming and welcoming of transgender and non-binary sisters and sibs. We welcome a rich and ongoing dialogue about how we can support one another!

Clients have said:


"Tara is a gifted storyteller and a master at holding space in an inclusive environment. I leave each class feeling inspired and eagerly looking forward to the next. Capable of making even the most timid soul feel welcome, Tara has the unique ability to bring people together and engage all participants to elicit authentic and thoughtful feedback.."


– Tim Meskers

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