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  • A map of Artemis School of Magic + Mystery, and the forest that surrounds it

  • Potion-making supplies for our week on the magic of plants and herbs

  • Stickers and star charts for our week on astrology

  • Moon stone and other crystals for our crystal energy grid

  • An oracle deck of cards that will help you interpret your visions

Welcome to Artemis School!

An online program for kids who identify as girls and/or non-binary

Participants receive a box of materials at the beginning of each session, including things like:

You are about to embark on an adventure of exploring magical arts. And while there is a lot to learn, the very fact that you found us means you already know some important things about yourself and your gifts. You feel the energy of nature. You hear the songs and the stories of water, trees and the moon. You know that there is more to this world than meets the eye.

Artemis School is a lot like Hogwarts! You’ll learn about the goddess Artemis, her animal companions, and the magic of wild and untamed forests. Like Hogwarts, Artemis School for Magic & Mystery has  "houses", teachers, and lots of different magical subjects to learn.




You'll want to know that in addition to spells, stories, songs and hands-on activities, we'll also have time for cultivating self-knowledge in small groups. This time of friendship-building, mentorship, and space to share deeply from the heart is essential to the magic. And we know from experience that is a big part of what kids love the most about our programs.

Our adventure begins on June 22nd!

There are two sessions, each with a different focus. In the first session, participants will explore the magic of the forest, with activities like crystal energy grids, herbal potion making and star charts. Session two is called “Embody your magic.” Participants will learn the basics of reiki, chakras, and how to move like magical animals. 


Sign up for one session or both!


The River Group

Open to girls and non-binary kids age 7–11

Meets on Tuesdays from 3:00–4:30pm EST


The Lake Group

Open to girls and non-binary kids age 11–15

Meets Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:00–4:30pm EST



The Magic of the Forest:

June 22–July 24th (5 weeks)

Embody your magic:

July 27th–August 21st (5 weeks)

Facilitators include:


  • Tara Rubinstein, founder and facilitator of Artemis Pack in Philadelphia

  • Sarah Yanuck, song leader, youth educator and teacher at Miquon School

  • Jacks Overstreet, herbalist and facilitator of Little Green Witches

  • Quavin Johnson, astrologer, tarotist and healer, founder of Elements and Alchemy

...and more!

FALL 2020

Artemis School for Magic + Mystery will continue as an online program during the school year.

The River Group meets once a month. The Lake Group meets twice a month. Schedule is still being determined. You can pre-register and share your preferred meeting times here:

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