''I sought out the wisdom of nature-based spirituality and women's spirituality from the time I learned to think. The traditions and practices that I share in my classes are drawn from intensive study since 1995. This spiritual path leads to making real change, not just in individual lives but in the way we interact with the world.''


I have been in love with earth-honoring spirituality and women’s wisdom since 1995, when I met In Sacred Balance founder, ShuNahSii Rose. What are these practices, you ask? Well... does this sound like something you’ve felt?


  • Time in nature gives me energy and inspiration


  • The earth is precious, and I want to be part of a movement to protect and restore the environment

  • Being part of a community of women helps me feel well-supported and better able to follow my dreams!


ME TOO! And here’s a little more of the story:

My Philosophy

Earth-honoring spirituality sees the complex beauty and harmony of the natural world as our greatest teacher. At this critical time on the planet, we must learn how to find our place in the great fabric of creation. There is spirit in all of life. There is so much to be grateful for. There is abundance all around us if we shift our gaze, and open our hearts. And, as we develop this love affair with the natural world, Earth-honoring spirituality also asks us to pick up the torch of stewardship and advocacy. The bottom line is this: it is important that each of us heal the hurt places we carry, and find empowerment to live our lives to the fullest. But we don’t do this healing work for ourselves alone, so that we can get rich, find love, land our dream job, or any other particular dream seed we nourish. Earth based spirituality asks us to heal and find empowerment so that we can share our gifts and be of service during this lifetime, so that future generations, human and non-human, may also live in abundance and wellbeing.


Women’s Wisdom traditions look to the ancient past and non-patriarchal traditions world wide for the roots of woman-honoring spirituality. We’re talking about The Great Goddess here, in all her forms, as well as a culture that reveres women’s bodies and the inherent wisdom we possess. Reclaiming the female aspects of spirit is still radical, and in my own life has been a necessary part of finding a spiritual path that resonates with my lived experiences.

Red Seeds

My mission with Red Seeds is to provide services that empower, celebrate and connect individuals through customized ceremony, tarot sessions and educational courses. Each service is a collaboration; a way to share to your biggest dreams and go heart-first into life. Nothing gives me greater pleasure or greater honor than this work with you!

My Roots

By the time I was 13 years old, I knew that I longed for a spiritual experience that felt rich with ritual and tradition, mystery and community. It was divine intervention... and my awesome mom, that led me to the door of exactly what I needed. ShuNahSii Rose.


I joined the Diana Circle, ShuNahSii’s empowerment group for teenagers, and began learning the foundations of world mythology and goddess lore, tarot, plant magic, songs and rituals. I soaked it up like a sponge, and knew I had found the spiritual home of my heart. But more than the knowledge, in Diana Circle, I learned worldview. I learned about accountability, and the impact our choices have on all of life. I learned about how good it feels to have a space to be authentic with a group of girls and women where we could share and learn from each other.

My Path

Over the past twenty years, I have continued to deepen my relationship with ShuNahSii and the community of In Sacred Balance. Twenty years is a long time, particularly in western culture where there are few opportunities to have an apprenticeship of extended study and devotion.


During that time, I moved to Philadelphia for college and got a degree in secondary education. I spent ten years working with urban teens in a non-profit setting, doing all sorts of wonderful and creative projects. All the while, I have been offering classes, ceremonies and tarot sessions to a growing Philadelphia chapter of In Sacred Balance.


In 2013, my daughter was born. I had been planning and hoping for her my whole life. And when she came, as babies do, she brought questions about what is truly important, and what I give my time and energy to each day.

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